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Minister: Amendment to Fama Act already approved by Cabinet
Posted on : 25 Apr 2022  Source of News: Borneo Post

KUCHING (April 25): Amendment to the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama) Act has been approved by the Cabinet and will be brought to Parliament in the next Parliament sitting.

Agriculture and Food Industries (Mafi) Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said an amendment to the law has already been approved by the Cabinet to expand the scope of responsibilities and functions of Fama, not only for crops, vegetables but also for livestock products.

“The Cabinet has approved the draft amendment which will be submitted by Mafi to Parliament for approval in the next Parliamentary session.

“Fama has made amendments to include livestock as one of their jurisdictions that will be entrusted to Fama.

“Definitely, we want to see Fama play a role in marketing crop products, as well as livestock products in the country. We are confident that Fama will continue to function as the largest federal marketing agent to market food products in our country and at the same time develop the agro-food industry to ensure supply reaches all Malaysians,” he said.

He disclosed this in a press conference at Fama Sarawak office here yesterday, after officiating stalls of ‘Semarak Syawal’ at Medan Niaga Satok here in the morning.

“This amendment will expand the scope of Fama’s functions on the marketing of commodities and livestock products through its marketing chain as well as stabilise the supply chain of livestock products, besides helping farmers and agri-entrepreneurs market their products in a more effective manner.

“Currently, there is no specialised agency that functions in conducting livestock marketing activities. Through the amendment of this Act, Fama will take the role to also distribute livestock commodities as well as stabilise the supply chain to ensure that supply is always in the market and the supply chain is not disrupted,” he added.

For the record, Fama is an agency of Mafi authorised under the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority Act 1965 (Act 141) to supervise, coordinate, regulate and promote the marketing of Malaysian agricultural products under Section 1A of Act 141 except for pineapple, rubber, oil palm, paddy, rice, tobacco and cocoa products.

Others present at the press conference were Deputy Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and Regional Development Martin Ben, Mafi secretary general Datuk Haslina Abdul Hamid, Fama director general Datuk Zainal Abidin Yang Razalli and deputy Fama director general (Operations) Rashid Bahari.

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