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No ban on sale of pork, pork products in Sarikei despite detection of ASF among pigs, says Dr Adrian
Posted on : 17 Jan 2022  Source of News: Borneo Post Online

SIBU (Jan 16): The Department of Veterinary Services Sarawak (DVSS) has assured the public that there is no ban on the sale of pork and pork products in Sarikei district even though African Swine Fever (ASF) was detected among pigs reared in backyards there.

DVSS director Dr Adrian Susin Ambud said the sale of pork is still allowed in the district, as the pork sold in the market are slaughtered from the healthy pigs, sourced from an ASF-free area.

“There is also no mass culling of pigs in Sarikei district. Culling only on infected pigs according to the National Animal Disease Control Protocol,”  he told The Borneo Post today.

However, Dr Adrian said farmers are required to tighten their farm biosecurity, hygiene and report to DVSS if there is an abnormal high mortality in pigs.

“(And) No movement of pigs in and out from their farm,” he added.

It was reported that following the detection of ASF among pigs reared in backyards in Sarikei district, a massive five-day disease prevention operation had been carried out in Sarikei District from Jan 13.

The department had called for close cooperation between all parties — the pig farmers, veterinary officers and members of other agencies — to ensure a successful operation.

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