Windfall for mango farmer after taking business online
Posted on : 15 Oct 2021  Source of News: Free Malaysia Today

NorKhiriri Hassan has 8,000 mango trees at three farms in Perlis.


PETALING JAYA: For the past seven years, NorKhiriri Hassan has been farming harumanis mangoes in Perlis and selling them all around Peninsular Malaysia.

“I have a total of 8,000 trees at three farms in Perlis. My team and I sold the fruits at outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kuantan, Penang and elsewhere. Everything was going so smoothly until the Covid-19 pandemic hit,” NorKhiriri told FMT.

He said he went from selling 40 tonnes of harumanis mangoes in 2019 to only 20 tonnes in 2020.

“We also had to close down all of our outlets around the peninsula during the movement control order as they were in red zone areas,” he said.

NorKhiriri had to find a way to sell his produce so he decided to go online to kickstart his business.

He first started selling his mangoes online in 2016 but only saw a profit of RM200 a month during the mango season from April to June as Malaysians were not used to buying things online.

“However, with the pandemic, people started to transition into buying items online,” he said.

“I took my business online again by rejoining a platform called Agrobazaar Online run by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama), which is under the agriculture and food industries ministry.

“I found that using this platform has helped increase my sales tremendously and it’s really easy to use.”

NorKhiriri said he saw his profits rise five-fold from April to June in 2020 and 2021.

He also said the platform helped eliminate the use of a middleman to sell his product and made it easier to sell his harumanis mangoes directly to consumers at competitive prices, adding that he got to keep all his profits.

He added that the people from Fama would often show up at his farm to see if he needed help in terms of boosting sales and would also check the quality of his product.

Fama’s deputy director-general (development), Mohamad Mustahapa Awang, urged more farmers and local entrepreneurs to join Agrobazaar Online.

Mustahapa said it was a convenient e-commerce platform that offered thousands of unique and genuine products in various categories such as fresh produce, processed food, fisheries, agriculture and more.

For those who are worried about moving towards digital marketing, he said Fama has formulated various strategies by providing e-commerce training and development to these groups by improving their skills in digital sales.

“For example, Fama’s digital marketing division will guide these groups on how to market their products by using social media. We also provide copywriting courses in order to boost the marketability of their products,” he told FMT.

Mustahapa also said the Agrobazaar Online platform was suitable for collaborative sessions with farmers and local entrepreneurs in the private sector.

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